Snippt is a mobile shopping app that's driven by videos. With a central focus on storytelling of small to mid-sized brands and their products, we make shopping from your phone a fun and engaging experience, by taking the millennial shopper from product discovery to check out in just 4 swipes.



Snippt Studios takes care of all video and photography production for the products that are displayed on its platform. To keep a consistent story for each product and brand we keep a close eye on detail and take the burden of content creation off your hands.


Snippt Episodes take a story telling approach to displaying product information. A beginning, middle and end. Four panels of media rich content display only the most engaging material to catch any shoppers attention. Each set is called an episode, focusing on one product at a time.


Snippt Live is the perfect tool to break the fourth wall with online shoppers. From behind the scenes to unveiling of a new product, snippt Live changes the way we connect with users. Building a one - to - one connection with a brand and its user is vital for engagement.